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Dreaminus is a fundraising organization established in 2008 by Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, a representing Buddhism order in Korea. Dreaminus, with its Buddhist mercy spirit, attempts to make positive changes through egalitarian love and leading of persistent changes, in order to foster a better world. Deaminus promotes a culture of donation to prevail, through righteous usage and distribution of its precious fund with transparency. In addition, any place that calls for help will be benefited first and foremost, regardless of religion, race, gender, age, and nationalities. Every human deserve to live happy. Dreaminus will pioneer the path for the world of happiness of all. Thank you.


Vision, Mission, Values, Roles


Dreaminus is a donating institution of common good that helps neighbors of global village based on the Spirit of Buddhist Mercy and Core Principal of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

Vision, Mission, Values

  • 비전
    • Dreaminus fosters a better tomorrow through sharing of neighbors’ agony and enhancement of personal and social happiness
  • 사명
    • Dreaminus distributes culture of donation that turns the value of sharing into a reality, and leads positive changes to generate persistent improvement on the lives of underrepresented based on transparency.
  • 핵심가치
    • The Joy of Non-PossessionGuiding the path to common good by overcoming the fixation on personal possession, and through habituation of sharing.
    • Habituation of SharingSmall sharing is a stepping stones for the bigger counterpart. The habit of sharing with its beauty can transform one’s life.
    • Value SharingMaterials would lose the value when not used properly, despite its necessity to make our life profound. Dreaminus leads the path of sharing which heightens the value of material.
    • Communication WindowIt is encouraged to reciprocate and communicate to have precious sharing turn into sharing of justice, through transparent distribution.